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Membership:We are currently reworking the membership program! Check back soon for more details!

Membership FAQ:

When does my membership expire? An annual membership expires 1 year from the date of your first visit. 
Who is admitted on my membership?The names of all the family members on your pass will be listed when you sign up so that you can bring any combination of pass members at any time! 2 adults can be listed on the pass. Additional adults like Grandma, Uncle, or Nanny will require a +1 Adult Membership (see below).
Can I share a membership with another family?Memberships are one per household only, and cannot be shared with another family. How does a +1 Adult pass work?We know there are often more than 2 adults that love your children! These could be step-parents, grand-parents, nannies, favorite uncles, babysitters, or loving neighbors. For just $30 you can add them onto any pass you purchase and they are welcome to join you or your children anytime! These passes expire with the expiration of your annual pass.